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Our IT Support Service

We offer an all inclusive computer and network support service called DCBComputing Care Plan.  This plan is a combination of both on-site and remote support for your business.  Think of it as us becoming your IT department – you get access to skilled, experienced specialists at a competitive cost.

Does my company need PC Care Plan?

  •     Does your business spend too much money or time on IT support?
  •     Could better IT improve the efficiency of your business?
  •     Would you like someone else to look after your IT problems so you can focus on business growth?
  •     Would you like to have someone with the right skills to depend on – at affordable rates?
  •     Would you prefer to pay a fixed cost for IT support?

What’s Included?

  •     Unlimited on-site support
  •     Unlimited telephone support
  •     Next day or same day response times
  •     Service pack installations
  •     Anti-virus updates
  •     Hardware support
  •     Support for Microsoft Office, Sage and more
  •     Disaster recovery planning
  •     Backup strategies
  •     Network support
  •     Server and PC support
  •     Printer support

Plus the customer benefits from:

  •     Receiving first class remote support
  •     Having calls handled by our specialists – not by a call centre
  •     A free systems audit

Looking for anything that is not mentioned?  We can tailor our package – just call our team and we can discuss your needs and how we can adapt to these.

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