DCBComputing's Remote Support

Remote IT Support – Overview

By utilising remote IT support technologies, DCBComputing Services are able to establish a remote connection to your desktop computer, laptop or server. Once a remote connection is established, Sheridan technicians are able to diagnose and repair any software issues as if they were sitting right there with you.

Around 80% of support issues are resolved by our technicians every day.

The Process of Remote IT Support

Remote IT support requests can be initiated via telephone or through our live support system. DCBComputing Services use an industry leading secure support client called TeamViewer.

    1. We take a credit/debit card
    2. A technician will instruct you to download our customised TeamViewer client from our website
    3. You run the remote support client and give our technician the session ID
    4. Our technicians can then remotely connect to your PC to see your desktop and resolve any issues
    5. Once work is complete, we confirm everything is working, and take payment.

As soon as a technician has control of your system, they’re then able to install any software updates, check for and remove any viruses or malicious software or install software for you.

You are able to see everything our technicians are doing on your screen – at ALL times.

Once the session has ended, we cannot gain access to your system without you providing us with another ID and password, these change after each session.

You can download our remote control software by clicking this link:  Download here

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