SSD Drive Upgrades

Is your computer or laptop running sluggish, and slow?  Don’t want to have to replace it with another one?  Don’t worry, there are always upgrade options available for your laptop or desktop.

One very easy way to upgrade your laptop or computer, and make it run much faster is to remove the existing hard drive, and install a new Solid State Hard Drive….

What does this mean?  Many laptops and desktops have a standard hard drive installed, which conventionally uses a motor to drag an arm across the surface of the drive and read your data.  A SSD drive is completely electronic (a bit like a memory stick) – therefore you don’t have the same lag of waiting for the arm to read the disk – they are much faster, and in some instances can be up to 10 x faster.

Costs start at £65.00 fitted.  Use the from below to contact us, or call us for more information.

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