Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Search Engines

Search Engine Optimisation, aka SEO, is the practice of optimising a web site so that it can be properly read and indexed by directory sites. ‘True’ engines, such as Google or Bing, send computer programs known as ‘spiders’ or ‘robots’ to scan your site. The task here is to optimise your site for these spiders with the information they are looking for in order for the best SEO rankings to determine the value of your site.

We have gained this knowledge over a decade of search engine optimisation work across the UK. Search engines regularly change their methods to upgrade their optimisation services. We consistently monitor and react to these changes to always be ahead of the game to the benefit of all of our clients.

Organic Results

Get to the top rankings of all of the popular engines, such as Google and Bing (Microsoft) by having an optimised site. These rankings appear in the most popular part of the results and are clicked on by the vast majority of searchers. DCBComputing services SEO solutions can dramatically improve your rankings.

Google Knowledge Graph

One of the biggest innovation of Google is the brilliantly smart Knowledge Graph system that has changed the way we think about the search engines. When you use DCBComputings SEO services you can be sure that your website will be Knowledge Graph compatible.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

There are some campaigns that get great advantage from these schemes, such as Google Adwords, but unless used in a careful manner, this can be very expensive. Our PPC experience can benefit all campaigns. Our PPC experts, have extensive knowledge, experience and success within the industry. These will get you on to only one search engine per payment, and fewer people look at the sponsored links.

SEO Lancashire

Our Lancashire based operation, is successful and has stayed at the cutting edge of the industry for longer than a decade. SEO is the speciality and main thrust of our company. Our search engine optimisation services have a long and successful track record. In a variety of industries, from local SEO Lancashire companies to Australia and across Europe.

Search engine optimisation has many methods implemented in different ways by developers. With our long term experience and large client base we find our techniques to be consistently successful. With thousands of 1st page listings, our SEO services are consistent in Lancashire and worldwide.

We have an advantage, our knowledge of the ever changing criteria the search engines have provided for optimisation. It’s easy, the more first page listings we have, the simpler it is to change and even anticipate the ever changing algorithms.